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      4. Lifestyle Fitness PT

        Lifestyle Fitness PT

        Lifestyle Fitness PT


        Lifestyle Fitness PT asked us to partner with them to create a series of educational videos.

        Lifestyle Fitness PT is a gathering of the most promising and established trainers, coaches and specialists in the UK. Looking to launch a revolutionary new product they asked Banter to help deliver a series of 23 unique educational videos.


        The Science of Wellness series of videos was one of the most intense projects we’ve worked on in years. With a tight timescale and a demand for high production value. The whole team was tasked to help deliver this fantastic project. From scriptwriting to casting to production to design and animation, this project had it all. We filmed over 20 personal trainers over several weeks in Hop Pole Studio and took advantage of our state of the art recording studio. The project came in at just under five hours of content produced in little over a month. The series is being released in the United States summer 2016. If you’re into fitness and nutrition it’s an absolute must watch.

        Liam Wright Growth hacker, animal lover, @dota2 junkie, @manutd & @giants fan | Founder - @BanterMediauk | CoFounder - @team6t9 | CoFounder - @socialgrowthlab |